What to Expect When Emigrating to Canada

Emigrating has the potential to be the best step you have ever taken, but it can also be a daunting prospect. A new country with different rules, customs and expectations might be hard to grasp. However, the rewards of life in a country with a free public school system, a tax-funded healthcare system, and a […]

COVID and the EB-5 Visa Program

Whilst the world recoils from the impact COVID-19 had on almost every aspect of our lives, it does continue to turn. This means disruption to travel, trade, economies, and of course immigration. EB-5 Executive Order Exclusion For the EB-5 program, there are set-backs, although there are also some positives to take from the situation. During[…..]


After completing a master’s degree in law, specialising in real property development Preeya Malik has spent over ten years focusing on investment immigration. Too say she is one of the world’s leading specialists in investment immigration is maybe itself an understatement. As managing director of Step Global, a Dubai based immigration consultancy firm, Preeya champions[…..]

Preeya Malik: From Biggest Risk to Biggest Accomplishment

With first-hand experience of the drive and belief instilled in those who choose to relocate their families, Preeya Malik has built a career of helping others reach their dream destination. Documenting the journey so far we discover experience, achievements, goals and aspirations. The below snippet is taken from Aspioneer Magazine and the link to the[…..]

Coming To America

With the introduction of passive-investors the EB-5 visa found a new lease in 2005 after remaining largely stagnant since it’s introduction. Sparking the business interests of Shai Zamanian and Preeya Malik, they successfully launched Step America, a Dubai-based immigration consultancy. The below snippet was taken from an article posted in Huffington Post and the link[…..]