The aim of STEP GLOBAL is to allow innovative and enterprising products and brands to enter the Middle Eastern market with ease and efficiency.  Our objective is to assist in providing bespoke startegies and services to allow these brands access to a new and specific region while enhsncing the life style and wellness of the GCC demographic.

We are commited to fostering COLLABRORATIVE partnerships and providing Creative methods for brand entery into the Middle East.

STEP GLOBAL offer a uniquely tailored package caterd to each brand driven to enter the Middle East. through carefull vetting of each product in our portfolio we ensure success across all possible platforms.

Bespoke marketing startegy based ona complete analysis of the productimage and how it will fit into the marketplace.

Established presence in both the business and social communities with in the region allowing exposure of your brand across a diverse range of retailers.

Extensive legal experience across the distribution and retail industries allowing us to handle the entire distributionprocess in house including the legal intricacies of distributing in the Middle East.

Soft marketing prior to entery into the marketplace to perfect the overall startegy createed for your specific brand