Committed. Collaborative. Creative

The aim of STEP GLOBAL is to allow innovative and enterprising products and brands to enter the Middle Eastern market ease and efficiency.
Our Objective is to assist in providing bespoke strategies and services to allow these brands access to a new and specific region while enhancing the lifestyle and wellness of the GCC demographic.

We are COMMITTED to fostering COLLABORATIVE partnerships and providing CREATIVE methods for brand entry into the Middle East.

Located in Dubai – the hub of trade for the Middle East Step Global aims to provide ease of access to companies wanting to make an entry into the GCC marketplace. With a focus on Unique consumer products across a broad range of industries inculding beauty, personal care, health, and food and beverage, STEP GLOBAL offers a full range of services to manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, and investors.

Based on the strong corporate and legal background of our directors, we have the experience to successfully
Launch brands through careful strategy and detailed plan implementation in avery fast growing and unique region, thereby expanding the market value of your brand.