Eb-5 Program (Old vs New)

To get into the US on either permanent or temporary residential status, you will for the most part, need a job offer. Your employer will file a petition for your temporary residency and both you and they will need to adhere to its conditions.

Getting into the US Without a Job Offer

To get into the US on either permanent or temporary residential status, you will for the most part, need a job offer. Your employer will file a petition for your temporary residency and both you and they will need to adhere to its conditions.

Tuition Savings, Scholarships, and more

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for study amongst international students. Boasting vast expanses of beautiful scenery, diverse and multicultural cities and a good quality of life.

What is on the Horizon for the EB-5?

Since EB-5 Regional Center program sunset on 30th June last year, many foreign investment immigrants have been left in limbo. With I-526 petitions on hold until a reauthorization takes place, […]

Direct Program vs Regional Center Program

  America’s EB-5 program offers the fabled Green Card to investors willing to put capital into projects which create jobs and help boost the U.S. economy. There are two different […]

L1 & L2 Visas See Surge in Demand

  With the sun now set on the EB-5 Regional Center Program, immigration applicants will now look to other visa options for routes into the US. Two options that will […]

Behring Regional Centre vs Wolf

  In November 2019, then President Donald Trump and his administration implemented a change to the EB-5 visa program. Under the new rule, the investment capital required from prospective applicants […]

The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program

  The Canadian Start-Up Visa program initially started as a five-year pilot scheme. Coming about as a response to the US Start-Up Visa Act of 2011, the program’s initiative was […]

Sunset Date Looms For EB-5 Visa

    As the sunset date draws ever closer for the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, its supporters have presented a reform bill to congress. The bill seeks a long-term reauthorisation […]

Could June Mark Sundown for EB-5?

  A sunset provision could see the highly successful EB-5 program draw to a close at the end of June 2021. Previously, the EB-5 program formed part of a process […]

EB-5 Programme Explained

    The U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor programme is an immigration option for those wanting to gain permanent resident status in the U.S. via investment. Once all the stages of […]

Canadian Immigrant Investment Programme

  The Canadian Immigrant Investment Programme (CIIP) is an exclusive program under the Start-Up Visa umbrella available only through Step Global. The program was devised to bring qualifying business interests […]

Skilled Migrants – Top 5 Sought After Skills

  When it comes to immigrating to a different country, there are usually a lot of hoops to jump through. Often, there will be financial implications, a lot of paperwork, […]

A Look at the US Investment Programmes

  For those looking to immigrate to the US, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices and various routes by which you can obtain entry. There are visa programmes […]

When Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

  Immigration can become an extremely complex process. With constant changes in immigration regulation, expert advice and guidance are recommended in many cases. In some cases, it is essential. What […]

The Effects of COVID-19 on US Immigration

  As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, the effects on immigration have been widespread and varied. For the U.S., the disruption has trickled into almost every […]

What Does Biden Mean for Immigration?

It’s a new year, and we’ve got a new president in the US. Shake-ups for immigration are inevitable, although it is highly likely these shake-ups will be favourable on anyone […]

What to Expect When Emigrating to Canada

Emigrating has the potential to be the best step you have ever taken, but it can also be a daunting prospect. A new country with different rules, customs and expectations […]

COVID and the EB-5 Visa Program

Whilst the world recoils from the impact COVID-19 had on almost every aspect of our lives, it does continue to turn. This means disruption to travel, trade, economies, and of […]


After completing a master’s degree in law, specialising in real property development Preeya Malik has spent over ten years focusing on investment immigration. Too say she is one of the […]


Canada continues to be one of the most popular places for migration. However, the most common question we often get from clients is – How much will it cost to […]


As a privileged opportunity for enthusiastic entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and HNWIs based across the world, Residency by Investment casts a hassle-free simple path for obtaining the residency and ultimately citizenship […]

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