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    Throughout my last ten years in the residency and citizenship by investment industry, I’ve seen this sphere grow from a new and uncertain concept to a real and true opportunity. This opportunity has allowed families to completely reshape their lives by gaining passports and migration to nations they never would have been able to, if it were not for these investment routes.

    From cash donations to economic funds, to real estate investments and developer loans, to business and innovative start-up programs – there now seems to be a migration option for anyone who finds the return worth the investment. These programs are not inexpensive by any means, but can be considered affordable starting (in some cases) as low as USD $35,000. In addition, if investments are made with reputable organisations, the likelihood of having funds returned after a required hold period are high, all while obtaining new passports or residency for the investor and the investor’s dependents.

    I realize that the idea of selling passports as a commodity has been quite controversial, often described as a way for the ultra high net worth to skip borders while leaving behind individuals who may actually be in need of a path to migration. However, behind this controversy lies the discounted fact that outside of first in line, or educational background, or generational opportunity – investment immigration programs also allow for entry of individuals who will economically benefit the country and strengthen its workforce.

    With the global political instability which has surfaced recently, now is the time to seriously begin considering the alternative passport and residency options available. Contrary to popular belief, these programs are not limited to the ultra high net worth, or taken only by those from countries with a lack of economic or political security. Second passports are a luxury now available to anyone who may want to secure their future… because we don’t really know what tomorrow holds.

    At Step Global we believe that investments with high returns and capital appreciation are desirable. We offer various equity and real estate portfolio options to our global clientele. However, we also believe that the most important investment you will ever make will be an investment into the future of your family.

    Best of luck on your migration journey, and we hope to see you soon.

    With Warm Regards,

    Preeya Malik, Esq.
    J.D., LL.M.