The STEP GLOBAL investment immigration programs give migration options to a wide range of investors who enjoy personal wealth and savings, which they would like to invest in tangible real estate or as shares in real estate development projects in order to obtain residency and/or citizenship. We cater to both the new and sophisticated real estate investor and strive to provide a variety of options under each global program so that you can choose the investment which is right for you while taking advantage of all the benefits of residency and/or citizenship. We have assisted in raising over $60M of investment capital for various projects over 10+ years and look forward to assisting you.

Complimentary exploratory visits to select global locations.
Relocation plan.
Facilitation of real estate purchase.
Provision of various real estate options until you are happy with your choice.
Assigned client services team member on your file.
Resources for tax advice available.
Resources for educational planning available.


EB-5 Regional Center Program


L-1 Passive Investment Program


Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

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STEP GLOBAL offers a uniquely tailored package catered to each individual's background and requirements, in an effort to create a brighter future for you and your family.