The Canada Immigrant Investor Program is essentially focused on encouraging the culture of entrepreneurship in Canada in the form of new businesses or Start-ups. It offers a direct pathway to Permanent Residency for qualifying entrepreneurs who are chosen by government-designated organizations to be supported for their business. The most unique feature of this program is that, it enables the entrepreneurs to retain their Permanent Residency irrespective of success or failure of the business. Even if their Canadian business is unsuccessful, individuals granted Permanent Residency through this program can still retain their Permanent Residency status.


Canada Immigrant Investor Program

Country Canada
Name of Program Canada Immigrant Investor Program
Investment type Business venture (Passive)
Investment Amount CAD $75,000 (May vary)
(under 22 years of age)
12 to 16 months on average
Permanent Residency
After 5 years of Permanent Residency
Physical Residency Requirements 2 out of 5 years to maintain Permanent Residency
3 out of 5 years to apply for citizenship
Benefits   Visa Free Travel to Canada

·  Freedom to live and/or work in the Canada

·  Children have right to attend free public education

·  College aged children have the rights to scholarships, grants, and
domestic tuition rates in public postsecondary institutions

·  Option to acquire Canadian Citizenship and Passport after
  5 years of holding the permanent residency if 3 out of 5 years
have been spent in Canada

·  Benefits extended to investor’s family, including the spouse or
partner, and all children under the age of 22

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