Deepanshu Choudhry-Legal Manager

Deepanshu Choudhry

Legal Manager, Step Global Group

Deepanshu is a licensed lawyer and corporate professional with degrees in wide-ranging fields such as law, journalism, public relations, and corporate communication from some of the most reputed schools in India. He has law-practicing experience in the topmost courts across India, including the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi.

Deepanshu has been associated with Step Global Group for over 5 years and specializes in statutory knowledge and global investment immigration consulting firms. Prior to his time at Step Global Group, Deepanshu practiced as a litigating lawyer and also had experience as a legal consultant with a security and risk management firm. Due to his academic background in journalism, public relations, and corporate communication, Deepanshu has also undertaken several projects as a public relations and content consultant.

Deepanshu Choudhry has vast expertise and experience in source-of-funds regulations and ensuring legal documentation compliance with immigration law and regulations. He has represented Step Global at many international immigration forums, like Gulf News, Irex India, and CitizenShip Conclave in the form of speaking appearances and keynotes.

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