International Students in Canada: Know Your Housing Rights

International Students in Canada: Know Your Housing Rights

Table of Contents Canada has long been a sought-after destination for international students seeking world-class education and cultural diversity. As the number of international students from around the globe choosing Canada as their educational destination continues to grow, they must understand their rights, particularly when it comes to housing. Navigating a new country’s legal landscape […]

Cost of Studying in Canada Resident Students Vs. International Student in Canada

Table of Contents Canada is one of the most popular destinations of choice for foreign students looking to study internationally, and it’s easy to see why. Canada has beautiful landscapes, an extremely tolerant and friendly cohort of residents who continue to be viewed as extremely welcoming and friendly on a global scale, and a government […]

Canada gears up for massive intake over the next 3 years

Massive Intake of Immigrants in Canada

Table of Contents Canada gears up for massive intake of immigrants over the next three years. Significant increase in the immigration intake numbers announced for the next three years. Several of the country’s most vulnerable industries – health care, manufacturing, engineering, and trade – will benefit from the immigration levels plan of the Canadian federal […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Canada Startup Visa

Table of Contents The Canadian Start-Up Visa program initially started as a five-year pilot scheme. Coming about as a response to the US Start-Up Visa Act of 2011, the program’s initiative was to attract innovative entrepreneurs who would otherwise have landed across the border in the US. In April 2013, the program replaced Canada’s existing Entrepreneur Class Visa. In […]