Step 3: Upon Approval Total Investment Transfer to Escrow Account in Canada

Once final approval is provided by the business support organization on the business proposal, a letter of support is granted to each applicant. A Letter of Support is the formal legal document that is issued by the designated business support organization to show its support for the Start-Up and its participants. Business agreements are signed and the applicant will only then transfer the investment amount to a secured escrow account that has been set up for the business.

Step 2: Validation Stage

At this stage, the Start-up is assessed as to how it can compete and succeed in Canada and a proposal is drafted and aligned as per the requirements of both the business support group and the immigration authorities. All participants are required to attend their short online training to get well acquainted with the business plan and respective roles in the business.

Step 1: Document Collection and Eligibility Assessment

Document Collection and Eligibility Assessment

The primary applicant’s updated CV is collected along with the estimated figures of their net worth. An eligibility assessment of the profile is done with the help of the legal team based in Canada to determine whether the applicant fulfills the required profile criteria under the Canada SUV Program, or to determine if there are areas of concern that should be addressed prior to moving forward. If the applicant’s assessment results are positive, then the process officially is initiated and the individual is onboarded as a client. Civil documents of the applicant and dependents are collected, and various Start-Up ideas are discussed with the client.