Guide to Immigrating to The United States Without a Job Offer

U.S. EB-5 Immigration Program

Table of Contents The most common method of gaining entry to the US involves getting a job offer, where your employer will file a petition for your temporary residency, and both you and they will need to adhere to its conditions. However, immigrating without a job offer is possible via employment-based visa categories that do not require […]

When Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Lawyer

Table of Contents Immigration can become an extremely complex process. With constant changes in immigration regulation, expert advice and guidance are recommended in many cases. In some cases, it is essential.  What is an Immigration Lawyer? An immigration lawyer is an independent practitioner. They do not work for the immigration services but are well versed […]

Canada gears up for massive intake over the next 3 years

Massive Intake of Immigrants in Canada

Canada gears up for massive intake of immigrants over the next three years.Canada gears up for massive intake of immigrants over the next three years. Significant increase in the immigration intake numbers announced for the next three years. Several of the country’s most vulnerable industries – health care, manufacturing, engineering, and trade – will benefit […]

A comprehensive guide to Canada Startup Visa

Table of Contents The Canadian Start-Up Visa program initially started as a five-year pilot scheme. Coming about as a response to the US Start-Up Visa Act of 2011, the program’s initiative was to attract innovative entrepreneurs who would otherwise have landed across the border in the US. In April 2013, the program replaced Canada’s existing Entrepreneur Class […]