With the introduction of passive investors, the US EB-5 Investor Visa found a new lease in 2005 after remaining largely stagnant since its introduction. Sparking the business interests of Shai Zamanian and Preeya Malik, they successfully launched Step Global, a Dubai-based immigration consultancy. The below snippet was taken from an article posted in the Huffington Post, and the link to the full article can be found below:

As Barack Obama seeks to rebalance the bloated US economy, the US EB-5 visa program scheme is being used to attract overseas investment by offering a green card, US citizenship, and an American passport for those with at least $500,000 to spare. Shai Zamanian and Preeya Malik, from Dubai-based STEP GLOBAL, outline why it is proving popular with Gulf-based expats.


Legal professionals Shai Zagmanian and Preeya Malik launched STEP GLOBAL two years ago to help Gulf-based expatriates gain an American (US) green card, and potentially a passport, by linking them up with eligible projects and investment opportunities.

For decades’ immigrants around the world have strived for their own piece of the fabled American dream, and for many it has been filled with a green card. Read the full article here.

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