Preeya Malik-Step Global

With first-hand experience of the drive and belief instilled in those who choose to relocate their families, Preeya Malik has built a career of helping others reach their dream destination. Documenting the journey so far we discover experience, achievements, goals, and aspirations. The below snippet is taken from Aspioneer Magazine and the link to the full article can be found below:

Preeya Malik likes to dream BIG.

As a child, she saw her parents, first-generation immigrants to Canada, pick up and move their whole lives only to resign themselves to the dream of a better future. Their sacrifices inspired her and led her to chase a career in immigration. After completing her grad school, she started pursuing law- obtaining a JD degree at the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Then she attended the University of Miami and completed a Masters in Law (LL.M.) in real estate development. From 2010 to 2013 she gained significant knowledge in commercial real estate investments and projects while working in real estate and timeshare law in Florida. She then took the biggest risk of her life and moved to Dubai, the Middle East’s hub of trade, to build a new life and get a first-hand experience of the struggles that her parents had to triumph over. Soon after her flair for doing something for the people pushed her to co-found (in 2013) Step Global, where as CEO she aided in raising millions of dollars for multi-billion dollars projects from individual and institutional investors across the region including the GCC, India, Pakistan, and Africa and gathered an extensive experience in immigration particularly specializing in the United States EB-5 Immigrant Investor ProgramClick here to read the full article

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