Women in Business Q&A: Preeya Malik

Preeya Malik has built a career of helping others reach their goals. A successful business-woman in her own right, she has documented the trials and tribulations along the way to where she is today and covers all the key information on the steps taken to become a success.

The below snippet is taken from the Huffington Post, and the link to the full article can be found below: Preeya Malik is an entrepreneur, U.S. licensed attorney and lawyer, immigration rights advocate, and Co-Founder of investment immigration visa firm STEP Global. At STEP Global, she helped expand the firm’s reach to Dubai, Qatar, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Singapore, as well as securing the building and development of several Hilton and Marriott Hotel properties across the U.S., several private charter schools, and cutting-edge government infrastructure and technology projects.

As a businesswoman who built a successful company from the ground up, Preeya Malik is an expert on navigating the entrepreneurial landscape in the UAE and the Middle East. She is also the 2016 Silver winner of two Stevie Awards categories: Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Consumer Services and Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa. 

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