Differences Between a Green Card and H1B Visa

The H1B visa has long been a popular visa option for those foreign individuals looking to migrate to the United States. Although an H1B visa is an immigrant visa meaning it is a visa that offers a path to US citizenship, however, there are many limitations. The biggest limitation is that individuals have to obtain […]

New EB-5 Visa Categories: No Backlog for Indian Applicants

Over the years, the US EB-5 program, a program which allows an investor, the investor’s spouse, and children under 21 years of age at the time the application is submitted, to obtain their US Green Cards through a fast-track process – has become popular amongst Indian nationals. What is Indian Retrogression? Since each nationality participating in […]

The Ultimate Guide to the EB-5 Green Card

What is the EB-5 Investment program? The Employment Based Fifth Preference (EB-5) visa category is a government permanent residency/green card program intended to encourage the flow of foreign capital into the U.S. economy and to promote employment of workers in the United States. Foreign nationals and their families are eligible to become permanent residents of the United States […]

Old vs. New EB-5 Immigration Program: What has changed?

The grand old investment immigration scheme of the United States called EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program has been in existence now for over three decades. The program has undergone a series of adaptive changes during these foundation years, sometimes for the benefit of the government and sometimes for the general sake of investors. However, the cardinal rule is […]

Guide to Immigrating to The US Without a Job Offer

To get into the US on either permanent or temporary residential status, you will for the most part, need a job offer. Your employer will file a petition for your temporary residency and both you and they will need to adhere to its conditions. There are two types of conditional visas when coming into America […]

Top 7 Benefits of US Green Cards for International Students

Table of Contents The benefits of a US green card for international students are abundant. Becoming a Green Card holder through the EB-5 program not only offers international students (F1 student visa holders) greater chances to access the college and university of their choice, but it also provides them and their parents with plenty of […]

Eb-5 Investment Program – Visa Options For US Residency

For those looking to immigrate to the US, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices and various routes by which you can obtain entry. There are visa programmes to cover different circumstances and choosing the correct option is paramount to your likelihood of a successful application. With a visa by investment programmes, you can […]