Top 6 Benefits of US Green Cards for International Students

The benefits of green cards for international students are abundant. Becoming a Green Card holder through the EB-5 program not only offers international students (F1 student visa holders) greater chances to access the college and university of their choice, but it also provides them and their parents with plenty of financial and other benefits during and after their education in the United States.

1. You can get a US Passport and Citizenship

As a green card holder, you can apply for US Citizenship after 5 years of residency and face no additional requirements when applying. Students often completed the 2.5-year residency requirement for citizenship as they are already in the United States completing their studies for 9 months each year.

2. You will have access to US healthcare

International Students holding a US green card have access to US healthcare and can pick a health plan insurance that fits their needs.

3. You have higher chances to be accepted into US colleges and universities

In general, colleges and universities have an enrolment cap on out-of-state and international students. This is particularly true for public colleges and universities with a responsibility to their state residents and taxpayers. Students applying to study at U.S. colleges and universities with a green card are considered domestic students and thus do not face admissions quotas resulting in higher chances to be accepted, especially in the most competitive programs, compared to international students.

4. You will save on tuition fees

International students in the US pay significantly more for college and university tuition than domestic students. For instance, undergraduate residents at the top public university in 2022 – the University of California – Los Angeles – pay approximately $13,268 in annual tuition, compared to approximately $43,022 for international students. This means that you can save approximately $30,000 every year per child. A US green card student willing to obtain a master’s degree will save up to $150,000 within five years. This benefit is especially helpful for families who choose to send multiple children to the US for post-secondary education.

5. You will be eligible for financial aid

Being a green card holder can help you avail the benefits of federal financial aid such as grants and loans (including 0% financing) for your education requirements. Applying to these services will help reduce the tuition fee a considerable amount. To get a federal loan as a student and green card holder you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to potentially access up to $20,500 in funds per academic year.

6. You will have more work opportunities compared to international students

Holding a green card gives you a considerable advantage compared to international students both during their schooling and post-graduation when it comes to employment opportunities. The process companies have to go through in order to hire non-US employees is often time-consuming, costly, and with no guarantee that the time spent training the student will result beneficial for the company if he/she can only stay for a short period of time due to visa issues. For these reasons, US companies usually prefer hiring green card holders who are considered US permanent residents. In addition, because F1 international students have limitations on paid employment, they often get left out during the academic year and during summers on important internships and employment which could provide invaluable CV experience to enhance their education process and prospects post-graduation.

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