Avoid EB-5 Backlogs Through Faster Processing

With the increasingly popular EB-5 back on the table for would-be US-bound immigrant investors, backlogs for certain nationals and routes have arisen. With 12 years of experience in investment immigration, Dubai-based business Step Global offers a potential solution to those worried about time frames in obtaining the hallowed US Green Card, click here to read […]

Healthcare Tech Comes to Dubai via EB-5

Gulf News catches up with Step Global MD, Preeya Malik for her views on the extended EB-5 program and what new opportunities have arisen from the pandemic. With healthcare, telecare, and health-tech all in high demand, those in the industries seeking the prestigious American Green Card, could be in a stronger position than ever before. Click […]

Return of the US EB-5 Regional Center Program

The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 sees the return of the United States EB-5 Direct Investment Program, as well as the United States EB-5 Regional Center Program. Each program presents a route for foreign investors to obtain a fabled American Green Card. Although the direct investment EB-5 visa processing time can be a […]

US EB-5 Program: Act Now to Avoid Indian Retrogression

With the EB-5 once again accepting applications after the Reform and Integrity Act of 2022, immigration by investment is open to those wanting to gain citizenship in the United States. For Indian-born investors, however, it seems time is of the essence. With only 7% of yearly granted visas allowed to come from any one country, […]

New EB-5 – More Efficiency & Security

On August 24th, 2022, a settlement was reached between the USCIS and EB–5 Regional Centers, allowing for new EB–5 visa fillings, with immediate effect. There has been no shortage of applicants during the period the program was rescinded, so a wealth of EB–5 direct investment projects will soon come to market with a long line […]

Contact Step Global for US EB-5 Visa

Step Global step up as EB-5 reverts to $500,000 under new ruling. With the sunset date looming, the window of opportunity for would be immigrant investors is slowly closing. To find out what industry specialists expect, click the link to read on. Click here to read the full article

EB-5: When can new investors apply?

After falling by the way-side in June of last year, the EB-5 program has finally been gifted a new lease of life. The fabled route of access to an American Green Card has been a popular point of access into the US. Consultancy firm, Step Global, has a portfolio of projects across a range of categories, offering […]

Benefits of migration and a second citizenship

Proving the grass can be greener on the other side of the fence, Gulf News catch up with several former residents of the region to find out how their new lives are panning out. Through firms such as Step Global, we learn about the smooth transitioned offered by such services, and the accomplishments of those […]

No Backlog for Indians in the New EB-5 visa Reserved Categories

No Backlog for Indians in the New EB-5 visa Reserved Categories

Over the years, the EB-5 program has become very popular among Indian nationals. Many Indian investors choose to do this program for their children as the benefits of having a green card for children attending schools in the US are abundant. With a green card, children will be able to avail resident tuition rates which […]

New developments in the US EB-5 Program

A rush of petitions is expected for the EB-5 program as it is deliberated again in Congress under America’s new administration. Preeya Malik, managing director at Step Global Dubai, believes “chances of timely renewal are slim”. Click here to read the full article